Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shakey Speaks! A Neil Young Interview

What's 'ol Neil been up to lately? Apparently, he's been putting together the new CSNY road film CSNY: Deja' Vu. The film documents Young, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash and miracle-of-science David Crosby's confrontational 2006 Freedom of Speech tour in which the band mixed classic protest songs like "Ohio" and "For What It's Worth" with songs from Young's 2006 album, Living With War. The song selections elicited strong crowd reactions, often dividing the audience by their political views and ability to still pound a few pre-show brews in the parking lot.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Young is also working on constructing a car that doesn't run on gas or oil. We here at HF hope Young succeeds in his quest and that we are able to purchase a Crazy Horse wagon soon.

Read the full interview on Billboard's site here.

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