Monday, May 11, 2009

The Dead Weather Announce Tour

The Dead Weather, aka the latest musical adventure from Jack White & Friends, have announced a full tour schedule in support of their upcoming album Horehound. Some of these shows are already on sale, so if you want a chance at catching what will probably end up being a sold out tour, quit reading this blog and buy the tickets already.

Horehound is released in the states on July 14th via Third Man Records.

Tour Dates:

6/11 Louisville, KY City Block

7/13 Washington, DC 9:30 Club
7/14 Washington, DC 9:30 Club
7/16 New York, NY Terminal 5
7/18 Boston, MA House Of Blues
7/19 Ottawa, Canada Ottawa Blues Festival (Rogers Stage)
7/21 Montreal, Canada Olympia De Montreal
7/22 Toronto, Canada Kool Haus
7/24 Detroit, MI The Fillmore
7/25 Columbus, OH The LC Pavillion
7/27 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue
7/28 Chicago, IL Vic Theatre
7/29 Chicago, IL Vic Theatre
7/30 Nashville, TN War Memorial Auditorium

8/17 Denver, CO Ogden Theatre
8/18 Salt Lake City, UT The Depot
8/20 Seattle, WA Paramount Theatre
8/21 Vancouver, Canada Commodore Ballroom
8/22 Vancouver, Canada Commodore Ballroom
8/23 Portland, OR Roseland Theater
8/25 Los Angeles, CA Wiltern Theatre
8/27 Pomona, CA Glasshouse
8/29 San Diego, CA San Diego Street Scene
8/30 San Francisco, CA Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival

10/4 Austin, TX Austin City Limits Festival - Zilker Park


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