Thursday, September 04, 2008

Giving Great Interview: Greg Dulli

Reading interviews with a musican is a 50/50 gamble: either you get a quality interview that provides some insight into the persona of the artist or you get the jaded rock star who has canned responses to questions he/she has probably answered a thousand times before. Greg Dulli of The Gutter Twins, The Twilight Singers and back in the 90's, The Afghan Whigs, gives a great interview.

Recently, sat down with Dulli to discuss a variety of subjects. Fans will be happy to hear that Dulli has a live acoustic album coming out via the internet, will be working on the next Twilight Singers album as soon as his home studio is finished being constructed, and looks forward to making another Gutter Twins album with fellow musician Mark Lanegan at some point down the road.

Read the full interview here.

Interview highlights:

You played Lollapalooza recently. Do you hang out or take off?

Dude, I'm playing f---ing 10 festivals this summer. I don't hang out. Maybe if there are a couple of bands playing in the vicinity of when I'm playing, that's who I'll check out.

I was talking with Lindsey Buckingham and Don Henley, who come from an era right before yours, about success in the Internet age. I'd be curious to get your thoughts on what artists today face.

I'll tell you this first of all: If Don Henley and Lindsey Buckingham would've come up in the f---ing Internet age, they'd both be in jail right now. That is a fact and they both know what I'm talking about. As far as what's going on now, the persistence of paparazzi and media people, if I was a big celebrity I would walk around with a can of mace and a can of spray paint in either hand, and if you didn't get one you'd get the other or you'd get both. Mother f---ers up in my s---, taking my picture, following me around, taking pictures of my family -- that's insane.

I wasn't a big Eagles fan, but Henley is actually a cool guy at this point.

I'm sure John Mayer's a nice guy, and I'm not a fan of his.

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