Monday, August 25, 2008

Trail of Dead Return with new EP/LP

Once great noise rock outfit And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead are currently in New York City putting the finishing touches on their next album, slated for an early 2009 release. According to a Billboard article, the band will also release an EP titled Festival Time this October. The EP will include a cover of the Replacement's song "Within Reach" as well as "Bells of Creation", a song slated for release with the pending full album in '09. The EP version of "Bells of Creation" will differ from the version that appears on the LP.

The article explains how the band is "relieved" to be out of its Interscope records contract and how the band considers it's last Interscope album So Divided to be not a proper Trail Of Dead album. Considering that the last two albums from Trail of Dead have flat-out sucked, perhaps it is the shitty songwriting that is the source of dwindling record sales and fans and not the record label?

We are pulling for a turnaround, but until the EP and new album drop, the jury remains out.

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