Monday, March 31, 2008

One Step Closer to the Apocalypse

I Used to Rock

In an effort to help fans forget any credibility he might have carried from his days in Soundgarden and his first solo effort, Chris Cornell has responded to fans and the press, after a loser, err I mean contestant on American Idol performed a note-for-note Cornell rendition of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean".

Cornell previously released his version of the song on 2007s craptastic album Carry On.

Billboard Article

The Billboard article further proves that Cornell has shit the artistic bed with this sentence: "In other news, Cornell is working on his next solo album with superstar producer Timbaland, but declined to reveal further details other than to say, "it's going fantastic."

Carry on Mr. Cornell, carry on.

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J Smiley said...

Now I love Timbaland, and in the studio producing that guy makes gold... but with Cornell... I just don't see it happening.